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Worth A Drive

I lived in the Lansing area for about seven years and discovered this gem. I have since moved about an hour away, but still make the drive about once a month for their budget stretcher sales. What an outstanding value!

by Rick Oberle on Westlund's Apple Market
A Treasure!

Lansing has few true treasures, but this is one of them. Just a few blocks west of the infamous malfunction junction where a pedestrian takes their life in their hands, there is a place you can easily walk to, get what you need, visit with the workers or a neighbor, AND get a good deal. Shopping here costs no more than anywhere else and the experience is vastly superior to the places the "Mart"ians go. This is the only place to get your groceries!

by Daniel Palacios on Westlund's Apple Market
market of choice

The best neighborhood grocery store I Lansing. good people always freindly and helpful. I often buy meat here when cooking out. they have good prices and will cut your meat just how you want it. It's nice that they are on my way home from work so I can stop and pick up all the things my wife calls me at work to get. and today I just won the summer nights drive in prize. SWEET!!! thanks guys dont change a thing

by Amanda Lamb on Westlund's Apple Market
Check this store out!

To all future customers,

I have been shopping at this store for a long time. I have been totally satisfied on every visit. Their staff is always friendly and helpful. Their meats are high quality and always reasonably priced. Their sale prices are even better. Their fried chicken is awesome. I recently was there and I left behind an important paper. When I returned to look for it, they scrambled to help me. I found it kept to the side on a lane after we went through the trash. The person that checked me out had kept it.

I am one happy momma and one happy customer. This is why I continue to come there. Small town value in the city. If I had gone anywhere else, I would have been on my own.

Thanks Tim for keeping such good employees around. They are truly exceptional in every way.

by Laura Cushman on Westlund's Apple Market
Best Small Market in Town

If you are looking for a store to do your shopping easy to get into, great customer service and fast to check out, Westlund's is the place!

I love their meat selection. No matter what the occasion, you can always find the right meat and size package anytime. Their butchers will do whatever you need to get the perfect occasion. Their customer service is outstanding.

Step around the corner to their delightful selection of wines and beverages. From local to national wineries, they have a great selection in a broad price range. Don't know what will fit the occasion? One of their sales associates will have a great suggestion.

From there, head to the deli. They have some of the standard deli assortments to a few that you may not have tried yet. You can still buy anything in the deli case in the size perfect for you.

If you haven't been to Westlunds, give them a try. Their customer service cannot be beat!

Their Meat Dept. is one of the best in the area. With all the contamination problems in the big box food supply, I always feel safe buying meat from their excellent Butcher staff.