Weekly Ad Flyer for 8/14/17 through 8/20/17

August 14, 2017 Weekly Ad Flyer 0

Click HERE to download our Weekly Ad for the week of Monday, August 14th through  Sunday, August 20th, 2017.
**If you missed our recent Facebook post regarding the Spartan Label that was posted on 8/10, I am including it here so that you know what’s happening..

“Valued Customers: Much to our chagrin, Spartan Stores (Now SpartanNash) has made the decision to discontinue the Spartan private label and replace it with the former Nash Finch “Our Family” private label. Spartan purchased the Nash Finch company some years back and consolidated the 2 companies into one; SpartanNash.

The change to the Our Family label will take place over the coming months but we’re expecting to see some Spartan label items being replaced starting as early as next week (now, this week).

They assure us that the quality will be every bit as good as the Spartan private label you’ve all come to know and love.

We hope you’ll continue to shop with us considering SpartanNash’s monumental decision. We apologize in advance for the change but are helpless to do anything about it.”

I just wanted to let you know that that time is upon us and the first of the Our Family products have made their way into our store. In this week’s ad Spartan Hot Dog & Hamburger buns are listed on sale at 98¢ each. While we do have some of the Spartan buns on our shelves, we also now have the Our Family buns as well and they are included in the sale and will ring up 98¢ at the registers. 


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, now here is our ad flyer for the week. 🙂